Melt and Pour Soap

Agave Lime

One of the hardest things about cold-process soap making is the wait.  Wait. Wait. Wait!  At least four long weeks, and that’s assuming you have all the ingredients on hand from the get-go!  For the record, it’s worth it, though.

Sometimes, however, you might not want to wait, or be able to wait.  In rides melt and pour soap to the rescue!  No cure time needed!  As soon as it hardens, it’s ready.

During this “Time of Corona,” I thought I’d jump into the melt and pour market for the sake of expediency.  I put together my own blend of bases to make a recipe with the creamiest lather ever.  And it leaves your skin so clean, fresh, and not dried out.

And of course, since it’s “Corona Time,” I had to make something with a twist of lime.  😉

More scents to come.  For a limited time.

UPDATE:  Only 5 left in stock!  Sale price $5.00 per bar plus shipping and handling!
To order this, or any of my other soaps, please email me at:


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To order this, or any of my other soaps, please email me at:

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