Finished Soap

Soap for Sale

I live in a very pet-friendly complex.  It wasn’t that way when we moved in, but over the years and with changes in ownership, there are now dogs practically everywhere.  A little dog park was even installed a couple of years ago, specifically for pet owners to have a place to take their dogs and be able to take them off-leash and play freely for a bit. 

In the office, there is even a little table filled with dog treats so people can stop in with their dogs while they’re out walking, and pick up a snack for their fur baby. 

One day, while trying to think of possible soaps I might present to the other residents here, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue (after observing maybe a dozen people out walking their dogs over the course of a half hour, lol) – dog soap! 

Some of you might be amazed that anyone would think to make handmade soap for a dog, but I tell you, it was actually that very thing that got me started on this whole soaping journey to begin with!  See, my friend was breeding pure-bred dogs, and one of them developed a skin condition.  After lots of research, she came to the solution to make a soap specifically for her dog’s skin condition.  Well, that soap was not just good for dogs.  She gave it to many friends, including me, and we all swore by how amazing it was on our own skin.  I fell in love with the whole idea of making soap once I saw what the real thing could do for my own skin.

Management has graciously allowed me to offer my soaps in the office.  I have been working all day, packaging and designing labels and wrapping soaps and sticking stickers and designing a sign to display on the little table next to the dog treats.  I’ll be taking it over on Monday.

I am more than proud, and excited, and I wanted to share it with you, who have all been so supportive of me along this bubbly way.  🙂