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Black Ice


Black Ice Soap

Price includes four (4) bars of soap and shipping fees. At this time, I am only set up for US shipping.


Because man skin needs love, too!

One of my soaping goals for this year is to design a line of soaps for men.  Men have skin, and men like to have skin that feels good to them, just like women do.   Men want a soap that cleans well and smells nice without being feminine, or sparkly.

To that end, I present Black Ice.  This soap is scented with a blend of Rain Water and Fresh Snow fragrance oils for a mild, clean scent.

This soap is colored with black and blue.  Yogurt and activated charcoal have been added to skin-loving coconut oil to give a gentle cleanse that isn’t drying to the skin.

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Elemental Soap

Sometimes, you just have to go with the inspiration. 

I was watching a video that Clyde from Vibrant Soap was doing on the elements.  I’ve always loved things that express the elements and seasons.  Seeing it done in soap was so cool to me.  My head starting spinning with all kinds of ideas of how I might be able to make my own version of the elements in soapy form, and this is what came out. 

The “elements” are a combination of clear and coconut oil glycerin soap, embedded in a base of coconut oil cold process soap.  Colored with activated charcoal and black oxide; scented with Midnight Therapy fragrance oil. 

What’s not to love about the elements?  🙂

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Cut Soap, Finished Soap, Soap

Gleaming, cut

20170210_130011Finally!  Cutting day has arrived!  This is what Gleaming looks like on the inside.

Gold, silver, copper, and pearl stars.

Scented with clover and aloe from BrambleBerry.  It’s a fresh scent, neither masculine nor feminine but a really nice clean scent.  I’m halfway considering leaving a bar sitting on my desk just to enjoy the fragrance, lol.


I love how the light shines through the stary embeds!







This has been a really fun soap to make, and I have so many ideas for this “theme.”  I can’t wait to get started on the next one!