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Milk Soap

I was really surprised when my son asked me for more face soap.  I didn’t even know he’d been using the bars I’d made a few months ago!  He believes they are helping his skin, and I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me!  My son is using my soap because he likes it and believes it’s helping, not just because it’s the soap his mom made.  #overthemoon

When he asked me about making more, I said, “Sure!  What non-black color would you like?”  Every soap I’ve made him he asks for black.  *sigh*  His response this time was, “Non-black?  Well, white then!”  I guess he’s officially grown out of his “everything must be red and blue to match Spiderman” phase.  In a way, I’m going to miss that. 

So, in keeping with his simple tastes and because this is for both him and his sister, I made a lovely, white, coconut milk soap, scented with Milk fragrance oil. 

Something about the clean, simple look to these bars, and the fresh scent, makes it a truly beautiful soap to me. 

Phone Pics 2017 B FEB  (49)



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