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Galactic Skies

I am so happy with how these turned out!  I love the colors and the scent is, to me, decidedly masculine.  I think it smells like a really nice men’s cologne and I can imagine a guy who uses this soap in his shower would get a lot of compliments on how nice he smells when people get close to him. 

Galactic Skies, from the BrambleBerry website, is described as: “This masculine scent is the perfect blend of citrus and wood notes. It starts with bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, cardamom, melon, and rose. Then, base notes of musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber come through. Galactic Skies smells amazing in handmade soap, shaving cream, and beard oil.

Also, I’ve added Goat Milk and Yogurt to my bars, so the skin of the man who uses it will not feel dried out or scaly. 

While this soap is spoken for, I wanted to show you the kinds of soap I make. 

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Thank you!

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Soap, Wet Soap

Pink Pineapple

This will actually be a gift for someone I haven’t seen in a very long time, so I wanted to do a slight bit of customizing.  She likes pink, silver,  and fruit scents so this shows what soapmakers can do when you have specific requests.  Want soap to match your shower?  Check!  Want a scent that wouldn’t typically go with a certain color?  Check!  Want certain ingredients for your skin type?  Check!  Odds are, we can do that.

I added a tiny video to try to capture the sparkles since they weren’t showing up in the picture very well.

UPDATE: Pink Pineapple; the cut


Support your local soapmakers!

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Cut Soap, Soap

Irish Coffee

I didn’t add any color to this loaf of soap, because I wanted to see what the fragrance oil might do to it.  I thought it might darken some, but I wasn’t really expecting it to darken that much! 

I cut the loaf into bars first, then a few days later, trimmed the edges of the bars.  You can see how in just a few days it went from the beige on the inside to completely dark by the time I trimmed the corners. 

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the fragrance oil will darken soap, despite having been colored.  I’ve had that happen too.  Once, I colored with black to try to combat that process, and it still turned brown! 

Kind of amazing how fast, and strong, that process is!





Cut Soap, Soap, Wet Soap


Ever since I started making soap, my husband has refused to use the store-bought stuff.  This makes my soaper’s heart very happy.  He’s very particular, so I consider it a job well done if he’s happy with what I’ve made him.  He likes certain kinds of scents and hates others.  He likes some colors and detests others.   Some oils he’s good with, others he is not.  As I said, particular!  lol

While the fragrance of this one is a duplicate of a name brand, its contents are not.  This is full of skin-loving oils and no harsh, drying detergents. 




Cut Soap, Soap

Circus Splash, the cut

I am so pleased with how this turned out!  I hope my friend likes it!  My daughter suggested I may have to make some of this for myself as it matches our bathroom, lol.  I hadn’t noticed that when I was making it. 

On to the next batch!


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Cut Soap, Finished Soap, Soap

Elemental Soap

Sometimes, you just have to go with the inspiration. 

I was watching a video that Clyde from Vibrant Soap was doing on the elements.  I’ve always loved things that express the elements and seasons.  Seeing it done in soap was so cool to me.  My head starting spinning with all kinds of ideas of how I might be able to make my own version of the elements in soapy form, and this is what came out. 

The “elements” are a combination of clear and coconut oil glycerin soap, embedded in a base of coconut oil cold process soap.  Colored with activated charcoal and black oxide; scented with Midnight Therapy fragrance oil. 

What’s not to love about the elements?  🙂

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Molded Soap, Soap

Milk Soap

I was really surprised when my son asked me for more face soap.  I didn’t even know he’d been using the bars I’d made a few months ago!  He believes they are helping his skin, and I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me!  My son is using my soap because he likes it and believes it’s helping, not just because it’s the soap his mom made.  #overthemoon

When he asked me about making more, I said, “Sure!  What non-black color would you like?”  Every soap I’ve made him he asks for black.  *sigh*  His response this time was, “Non-black?  Well, white then!”  I guess he’s officially grown out of his “everything must be red and blue to match Spiderman” phase.  In a way, I’m going to miss that. 

So, in keeping with his simple tastes and because this is for both him and his sister, I made a lovely, white, coconut milk soap, scented with Milk fragrance oil. 

Something about the clean, simple look to these bars, and the fresh scent, makes it a truly beautiful soap to me. 

Phone Pics 2017 B FEB  (49)



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Cut Soap, Finished Soap, Soap

Gleaming, cut

20170210_130011Finally!  Cutting day has arrived!  This is what Gleaming looks like on the inside.

Gold, silver, copper, and pearl stars.

Scented with clover and aloe from BrambleBerry.  It’s a fresh scent, neither masculine nor feminine but a really nice clean scent.  I’m halfway considering leaving a bar sitting on my desk just to enjoy the fragrance, lol.


I love how the light shines through the stary embeds!







This has been a really fun soap to make, and I have so many ideas for this “theme.”  I can’t wait to get started on the next one!