Mens Soap

AmberGreen Soap

Because man skin needs love too!

Scented with Cedar and Amber fragrance oil, this soap has a refreshing essence that smells like a fresh, spring morning.

It’s full to the brim of skin-loving oils and yogurt to give your skin a gentle cleanse.  No harsh, drying chemicals!

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Finished Soap, Mens Soap

Black Ice

Because man skin needs love, too!

One of my soaping goals for this year is to design a line of soaps for men.  Men have skin, and men like to have skin that feels good to them, just like women do.   Men want a soap that cleans well and smells nice without being feminine, or sparkly.

To that end, I present Black Ice.  This soap is scented with a blend of Rain Water and Fresh Snow fragrance oils for a mild, clean scent.

This soap is colored with black and blue.  Yogurt and activated charcoal have been added to skin-loving coconut oil to give a gentle cleanse that isn’t drying to the skin.

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