Cut Soap

DownUnder Dreaming, the cut

It’s a rough cut, to be sure, (meaning no “staging”) but I wanted you to see the inside, “where the land and sea meet the sky.”  The scent is described as, “a fresh mix of eucalyptus, bergamot, citrus, tea tree, mint, geranium, musk, amber, sandalwood, and moss.”  This would be a great refreshing eye-opener in the morning shower.  🙂

UPDATE:  Only 4 left in stock!  Sale price $5.00 per bar plus shipping and handling!
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Galactic Skies

I am so happy with how these turned out!  I love the colors and the scent is, to me, decidedly masculine.  I think it smells like a really nice men’s cologne and I can imagine a guy who uses this soap in his shower would get a lot of compliments on how nice he smells when people get close to him. 

Galactic Skies, from the BrambleBerry website, is described as: “This masculine scent is the perfect blend of citrus and wood notes. It starts with bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, cardamom, melon, and rose. Then, base notes of musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber come through. Galactic Skies smells amazing in handmade soap, shaving cream, and beard oil.

Also, I’ve added Goat Milk and Yogurt to my bars, so the skin of the man who uses it will not feel dried out or scaly. 

While this soap is spoken for, I wanted to show you the kinds of soap I make. 

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#Handmade, #Soap, #Soaping, #HandmadeSoaps, #SoapMaking, #ColdProcessSoap, #CPSoap, #SoapShare, #HandmadeSoap, #SkinCare, #ArtisanSoap, #Soaps, #SilverHillSoapery, #BrambleBerry, #BrambleOn, #WetSoapWednesday, #GoatMilkSoap, #YogurtSoap,

To order any of my other soaps, please email me at:

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Wet Soap

Down Under Dreaming

This soap is inspired by my friend Miriam, who blogs at, and also on IG @outanaboutblog.  She regularly travels around her country (Australia) and takes amazing pictures showing how beautiful it is.  She is a great friend!  She’s always cheerful and has a positive outlook on life that tries to be uplifting to others.

This soap is scented with Rejuvenating Eucalyptus, and I think I’m going to call it Down Under Dreaming – where the land and sea meet the sky.

I can’t wait to cut into it tomorrow and see what it looks like on the inside!

[update: DownUnder Dreaming, the cut]


#Handmade, #Soap, #Soaping, #HandmadeSoaps, #SoapMaking, #ColdProcessSoap, #CPSoap, #SoapShare, #HandmadeSoap, #SkinCare, #ArtisanSoap, #Soaps, #SilverHillSoapery, #BrambleBerry, #BrambleOn, #WetSoapWednesday, #GoatMilkSoap, #YogurtSoap,

Wet Soap

Bella Kim



For a friend

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Cut Soap, Finished Soap, Soap

Gleaming, cut

20170210_130011Finally!  Cutting day has arrived!  This is what Gleaming looks like on the inside.

Gold, silver, copper, and pearl stars.

Scented with clover and aloe from BrambleBerry.  It’s a fresh scent, neither masculine nor feminine but a really nice clean scent.  I’m halfway considering leaving a bar sitting on my desk just to enjoy the fragrance, lol.


I love how the light shines through the stary embeds!







This has been a really fun soap to make, and I have so many ideas for this “theme.”  I can’t wait to get started on the next one!




20170207_230121I am so excited!  I have been planning this soap for weeks, and now it’s finally done!  Once I had the idea, it was a process of gathering everything I needed – the molds, the colors, etc. 

My daughter and I were talking last night about movies, drawing, and writing and she said, “That feeling of seeing something you’ve had in your head become real is awesome.”

“I know!” I replied, pointing to my recently finished soap. 

To her, it wasn’t quite the same thing, because soap is not a movie.  But I suspect any other soaper would get it.  🙂